Designing a New Collection

Designing a New Collection

As a jeweller designing a new collection happens in a very organic way. I'm not very confident at drawing the ideas that are in my head so I find my time a lot more productive at the bench in my studio making new ideas. The results can have a mixed success rate but usually whilst making the initial ideas new ones will emerge and develop.

Ideas can come quite simply from the way pieces sit on my bench, they way I hold them in my hand, tweaking the placement can create something completely new. I find this journey really pleasing and the more I make the more ideas flow. The best time for new ideas to arise is whilst preparing for a show or event as I'm in full making mode. This however isn't always a great time to make new designs. The early part of the year however is a good time to explore these new ideas.

The current collection I am creating is coming along nicely, watch this space for a release date!

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